Installation guide for AIMinify

This guide provides detailed steps to install and configure the AIMinify package, a Python library available via the AIMinify PyPi server.


Before proceeding with the installation, ensure you have the following:

  • Python installed on your system
  • An AIMinify License file
  • An AIMinify username and password for the PyPi server
  • The cryptography package installed in your Python environment. This can be installed using the following command:
$ pip install cryptography

Installation instructions

Choose the appropriate package manager for your environment to install the AIMinify package. Replace USERNAME and PASSWORD with your AIMinify PyPi credentials in the commands below.

# Pip
pip install aiminify -i

# Conda
conda run -n your_env_name pip install aiminify -i

# Pipx
pipx install aiminify --pip-args="--index-url"

# Poetry
poetry add aiminify --repository

# Pipenv
PIPENV_EXTRA_INDEX_URL= pipenv install aiminify --skip-lock

After the installation process is complete, AIMinify should be successfully installed in your Python environment.


Before using AIMinify, configure the library with your license file using one of the following commands based on your package manager:

# Pip, pip-tools and Pipx
aiminify configure /path/to/license-file.license

# Conda
conda run -n your_env_name aiminify configure /path/to/license-file.license

# Poetry
poetry run aiminify configure /path/to/license-file.license

# Pipenv
pipenv run aiminify configure /path/to/license-file.license


To verify that AIMinify is correctly installed and configured, attempt to import the library using the appropriate command for your environment:

# Pip, pip-tools and Pipx
python <<< "import aiminify.minify"

# Conda
conda run -n your_env_name python -c "import aiminify.minify"

# Poetry
poetry run python -c "import aiminify.minify"

# Pipenv
pipenv run python -c "import aiminify.minify"

Now you have installed, configured and verified that AIMinify is working in your environment. Now head over to the usage manual to continue!

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